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The Cinema Flex Vest is built on a Cinema 3 vest. The upper part over the breast is re-inforsed for better fitness for a lady camera operator.

The upper part is adjustable with velcro over the shoulder. Under your arm there is a 40 mm band that is adjustable for perfect fitness.

Cinema Flex Vest can be mounted with all our support arms; Easyrig Minimax / Easyrig 2,5 / Easyrig 3 Cinema / Easyrig Vario 5 arm.

Order number for Cinema Flex Vest is CF and then number for the arm that you like.

I love the thickness of the fabric and the additional padding for extra comfort on long days of filming, although this vest is warmer than other models. The pockets are a very welcome addition, allowing me to keep my batteries and cards by my side at all times without the need for an additional gear bag on my hip.

/Blaire Johnson - DP USA


Technical details

Sizes: Small & Standard
Weight: Vest: 2,1 kg (4.6 lbs)
Height: 55 cm (22 in)
Small waist hip length: 58 - 110 cm (22-43.3 in)
Std. waist hip length: 74 - 125 cm (29-50 in)

Accessories and Spare parts

CF001 Cinema Flex Vest smal - 58-110 cm (22-44 in)
CF002 Cinema Flex Vest standard - 74-125 cm (29-50 in)


EA017 Buckles for hip belt, 50mm (1,968in), comes in pairs
EA018A Buckles for vest, 25mm (0,984in), comes in pairs
EA018B Buckles for vest, 40mm (1,57in), comes in pairs
EA019 Strap tightener, 20 mm (0,787in)
EA019A Strap tightener, 40 mm (1.57in) (not in the picture)

Statements from users

Laura Warner
Local Camera Operator / Ambassador
United Kingdom

"I have the Minimax with an Cinema Flex vest. Here are a couple of photos from our shoot in Argentina and Uganda. Very hot, very sweaty, and would have been so much harder without the Easyrig..."

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Sarah Thomas Moffat

"We are in the final days of filming and the EasyRig has been amazing!I will send more photos soon, and a video. Here is a shot of me wearing the rig. I have been posting these on social media but I have been able to tag EasyRig, so I've been using..."

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DP Aly Migliori
Local Camera Operator / Ambasador

"The rig is amazing; I truly did not appreciate the power of the vest until I had one that fit me as it was designed to. It's an integral part of my cinematographer tool-kit. Weight was distributed perfectly, and it carried the right amount of tension..."

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Josephine Owe

"I like the new cinema flex vest. I have had good reactions to it because of its’ extraordinary support around the chest. The load on the shoulders and back are much more balanced than the last (cinema) easy rig. It’s very good that you can vary the weight"

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Diana Rackow
DP Camera Operator

"The design of the Cinema Flex is light weight and professionally attractive. The Cinema Flex fits very comfortable. From the lower lumbar support to the cinch straps over the chest allows the load of the camera/gimbal to be mounted with ease no matter..."

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Blaire Johnson

"While the Easyrig Minimax became a game changing piece of gear for the way I approach run and gun filmmaking, the Cinema Flex has provided me with the perfect fit as a female DP. Both Easyrigs redistribute the weight of the camera from my arms..."

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