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The Gimbal Flex vest is based on the Gimbal vest. The upper part over the chest is re-inforsed for better fitness for a lady camera operator.

The upper part is adjustable with velcro over the shoulder. Under your arm there is a 40 mm band that is adjustable for a perfect fit.

Gimbal Flex Vest can be mounted with all our support arms; Easyrig 2,5 / Easyrig 3 Cinema / Easyrig Vario 5 arm.

Order number for Gimbal Flex Vest is GF and then the number for the arm that you like.

All Easyrigs are carefully hand-built and tested in Sweden.


Technical details

Sizes: Small & Standard
Weight: Vest: 2,1 kg (4.6 lbs)
Height: 55 cm (22 in)
Small waist hip length: 66 - 80 cm (26-31 in)
Std. waist hip length: 75 - 90 cm (30-36 in)

Accessories and Spare parts

Smal GF001
Standard GF002


EA3XX Support bar: 600mm / 800mm / 1.000mm
Camera weight: 200N / 300N / 400N / 500N / 600N / 700N / 800N / 1000N.
Also available as extended +130mm/5.11 in or +230mm/9.05 in.

EA000 Support bar upper std. (complete with wheels and ball bearings)
EA000a Support bar upper extended 130 mm - 5.11 in (complete with wheels and ball bearings)
EA000b Support bar upper extended 230 mm - 9.05 in (complete with wheels and ball bearings)
EA002 Slip ring for bar ⌀30mm (1,259in)

EA001 Support bar lower.Standard: 600 mm - 23.5 in / Standard on Easyrig 2.5 and Easyrig 3 Cinema
EA001B Support bar lower.Plus: 800 mm - 31.5 in / Standard on Easyrig 3 Gimbalrig
MC001Support bar lower.MC-arm: 1000 mm - 39.5 in


EA003-2 Tube between bars for 750-900N models (thickness 2,0 mm/0.078 in)
EA004-1 Slip ring for tube for 200-600N models
EA004-2 Slip ring for tube for 750-900N models
EA005 Ring around tube
EA006 Rubber bellow
EA007 Upper nylon block
EA008 Lower nylon block
EA009 End plug


EA009A Old end plug.
EA009B End plug with 1/4 in thread - for standard arm.
EA009C End plug with 1/4 in thread - for +130/+230 (5/9 in) arm.

EA010 Upper crossbar
EA012 Attach hoop for support bar
EA013 Knob for attach hoop
EA014 Ball and socket joint M6
EA015 Side help upper, with rubber cover
EA016 Side help lower

EA011 Lower crossbar

EA017 Buckles for hip belt, 50mm (1,968in), comes in pairs
EA018 Buckles for vest, 25mm (0,984in), comes in pairs
EA019 Strap tightener, 20 mm (0,787in)
EA019A Strap tightener, 40 mm (1.57in) (not in the picture)

G020-2 Shock absorber complete, 3-5 kg (200N) 6.6-11 lbs
G020-3 Shock absorber complete, 5-8 kg (300N) 11-17.6 lbs
G020-4 Shock absorber complete, 8-10 kg (400N) 17.6-22 lbs
G020-5 Shock absorber complete, 10-12 kg (500N) 22-26.5 lbs
G020-6 Shock absorber complete, 12-15 kg (600N) 26.5-33 lbs
G020-7 Shock absorber complete, 15-19 kg (750N) 33-42 lbs

G021-2 Shock absorber M6, 3-5 kg (200N) 6.6-11 lbs
G021-3 Shock absorber M6, 5-8 kg (300N) 11-17.6 lbs
G021-4 Shock absorber M6, 8-10 kg (400N) 17.6-22 lbs
G021-5 Shock absorber M6, 10-12 kg (500N) 22-26.5 lbs
G021-6 Shock absorber M6, 12-15 kg (600N) 26.5-33 lbs
G021-7 Shock absorber M6, 15-19 kg (750N) 33-42 lbs
G021-9 Shock absorber M8, 19 + kg (900N) 42-(55) lbs

EA022-1 Upper attach 200-750N (M6 threads)
EA022-2 Upper attach 900-1200N (M8 threads)
EA023-1 Lower attach 200-750N (M6 threads)
EA023-2 Lower attach 900-1200N (M8 threads)


EA030 Rope (fits all Easyrigs)
EA031A Rope wheel ⌀4mm (0,157in) axle. 20mm diamater
EA031B Rope wheel ⌀4mm (0,157in) axle. 24,5mm diameter
EA032 Rope wheels with ball bearings ⌀6mm (0,236in) axle

EA033 Camera hook - New design april 2017, wider gap 42 mm,lockable
EA035 Cover for camera hook, 40 mm (1,574in) internally
EA036 Spring for camera hook
EA037-A Knob for camera hook, with rubber surface - New april 2017

M040 Easyrig Mini bag -for Easyrig mini
length: 58 cm, wide: 30cm, hight: 28 cm - 23 in x 12 in x 11 in
EA040 Easyrig Standard bag -for Easyrig standard arm and adjustable + 130 mm (5 in)
length: 64 cm, wide: 26 cm, hight: 24 cm - 25 in x 10 in x 10 in
EA044 Easyrig Plus -for Sirene arms:Vario 5 / Gimbal Rig. Suitablefor + 230 mm (9 in)
length: 92 cm, wide: 33 cm, hight: 35 cm - 36 in x 13 in x 14 in
EA045 Easyrig KING -for Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig-vest / Sirene-arm or+ 230 mm (9 in)
length: 82 cm, wide: 32 cm, hight: 38 cm - 32 in x 13 in x 15 in
EA046 Easyrig QUEEN -for Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig-vest up to +130 mm (5 in) upper arm
length: 67 cm, wide: 34 cm, hight: 38 cm - 26 in x 13 in x 15 in
EA047Big Bag Duffle bag
length: 92 cm, wide: 42 cm, hight: 35 cm - 36 in x 17 in x 14 in
EA080 Easyrig toolbag
length: 27 cm, wide: 15 cm, hight: 9 cm - 10 in x 6 in x 4 in

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