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DP Adam Docker

Local cameraman / Ambassador UK

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DP Adam Docker
United Kingdom

+44 7956 308 453

I’d always viewed the EasyRig as clunky, ungainly and ridiculous. "Who would want to wear one of those?" I thought to myself. "I’m a big strong lad. I don’t need any support." Twenty years of wear and tear and now suffering serious issues with my back, I decided it was time to give it a go and I bought one. Wow! The best investment I have ever made.

I can seriously say that after a full days filming, running around with a camera on my shoulder, I feel as good as new. No sharp pains in my back or down my spine. I haven’t felt like that in ages. It’s the perfect tool that prolongs your career. I keep kicking myself for being so shorsighted, why hadn’t I bought one years ago!

DP Adam Docker
Local Cameraman / Ambassador