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Arnaud Cailloux

Being a cameraman is always painful. Your shoulder, your arm, your back, get hurt at one point. Sometime you feel, your are the only one, because almost nobody talks about this. The fact is that it’s mainly a man’s world, so telling to your colleagues makes you ashamed. For me, the pain came to point of a discal hernia. I get a lot flash crises which make me lose days of work. 
I am handicapped by this pain at my work ! 

So two solutions appear to me: first stopping shoulder camera

work, or find a system which could help me to continue my passion.
I met Johan Hellstein at IBC fair trade and he makes me try his system, the Easyrig!
Then I thought : I need it.

So I went to works doctor to talk about this system. In France You have to go every two years on a medical visit, to check if you’re valid to work. So when you’ve  pain at work, they try to find a solution first to make you continue working. So after 6 months of administration papers, they decide to help me for buying the Easyrig at 80% of the .

Then a new life of being a cameraman started.
My first feeling by using the Easyrig was to realize that I’ve both feet on the ground! 
Since then a lot of my colleagues start talking about theirs pain.

But the Easyrig is much more than a handicap facility.
You re gaining stability on telephoto focal, waiting time is not longer a problem. And you’re could finally hold all these news unergonomics camera rigs ( 5D, BMCC, F55, red epic, etc…). Plus now, It’s easy to hold the 3D gimbals systems.

I love the Easyrig! It’s really helpful at all points.

Arnaud Cailloux