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DP Brad White

Local cameraman / Ambassador USA

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DP Brad White
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Testpilot of the Vario 5:

1. Was it easy to change the power of the line?
It was fairly easy to change the power of the system. After a little experimenting i was able to dial it in so that it fit the camera i was using. It was nice and very important that the allen key was provided for the system. One of my conerns is, what happens if someone looses the allen key to adjust the unit? They would need to have a back up key or they would be stuck.

Perhaps there is a way to have a knob on the adjuster so that an allen key is not needed and would avoid being concerned about looking the key. I know there is not a lot of room on the back but it is just a thought.

2. How did you like the Vario 5?
When i first took it out of the bag i noticed is was a little heavy but once i started to use it he weight was not an issue. I weighed it agains some of the other units i have and noticed is was very close in weight. I thought the action compared to the V4 was smoother.

It was clean smoother action from top to bottom. I have not tested it with a very heavy camera but i sure that it will handle heavier cameras just as it does with my 20-25 lb. camera.

3. Weight of the unit?
As i mentioned, at first i thought it might be a little on the heavy side but once i used it the weight was not an issue.

4. Your opinion on the Vario 5?
I enjoyed using the V5 once i got used to it. Remeber that with every Easyrig there is a learning curve for anyone who has not used one before. It was easy to operate and i love the fact it cane handle the weigth of several cameras just by adjusting the tension on the back.

You know that i really prefer to use a single vest for most of my shooting so that may be a concern for someone. Is i possible to make it avaliable with the single vest? The option would be nice but perhaps most people prefer the double vest for more support.

5. Who is the buyer of the Vario 5?
I think the buyer is someone like me who uses multiple cameras but may not have the technical ability or know how to change the shock for the different cameras. I have people coming to me to change their shocks because it may be too complicated for them. With the versatility of the V5 people may really like just having to turn the adjustment to cover all of their camera needs.

As i mentioned, it way be nice to offer it with a single vest if possible. As you and i talked about, i believe price point is goting to be very important. You want to drive sales but don´t want to kill the sales of the 2.5 or the Cinema 3.

DP Brad White
Local Cameraman / Ambassador