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Casper Leaver

Getting on was a two week drama project for  the BBC, directed by Peter Capaldi and starring Jo Brand. The style of shooting was very un- rehearsed and unscripted, we followed the action as it unfolded into takes of up to fifteen or twenty minutes, repeated numerous times. From the word go I knew this was a job for the easyrig, and it  proved to be one of my best recent decisions. We shot on Panasonic HDX900's with video senders, production matte boxes and  panel lights leading to very heavy cameras. Having suffered from back problems in the past I was  relieved that after shooting over twenty-five hours of hand held over nine days my back was as good as ever.

That said for me the true beauty of the easyrig is that it lets me concentrate on the job at hand without worrying about getting into all those silly positions to ease my discomfort. That, coupled with the camera height versatility, and ability to work on much longer lenses whilst still having that hand held feel has led me to be pretty inseparable with my rig now.

Casper Leaver