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DP David Paul

Local cameraman / Ambassador New Zeeland

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DP David Paul
New Zeeland

I am using the easyrig almost everyday on my current tv drama series shoot for at least a shot or two and sometimes for 2-3 scenes. My RED camera is about twelve kilo.

Not only is Easyrig good on my back, but for hand holding the shots are really stable.I do not go on any shoot without it. It is always on set and is considerd a tool like a dolly or jib or tripod. It gives another option. But first and foremost is it means I can hand hold again after having spine surgery for damaged back casued by too much hand holding over 15 years. If I did not have the Easyrig it would seriously limit my work opportunities as a DoP/operator.

DP David Paul
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
New Zealand