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DP David Paul

Local cameraman / Ambassador New Zeeland

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DP David Paul
New Zeeland

Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG

1. Was it easy to change the power of the line

It is very easy to change power of the line. It is easy to get camera assistant or grip to do it while you carry the camera still.

2. How did you like the Vario 5 STRONG

I like the Vario 5 Strong a lot , as it covers most production mode cameras from a fully loaded Sony F55 to heavy Arri Alexa’s with big lenses or 3d camera rigs. If it started at 12kg it’d be even better as many cameras now such as Red and Sony F55 camera’s can be only 12kg in production film mode. However the Vario 5 covers those.

3. Weight of the unit

Vario 5 Strong is of course heavier than a 2.5 or Cinema 3 Easyrigs but not by much. With a Gimbalrig Vest the Vario 5 Strong does not feel any heavier as the vest is so supportive. Weigth is not a problem.

4. Your opinion on the Vario 5 STRONG

Vario 5 Strong is a very good idea and addition to the Easyrig line up. Like all Easyrigs it is built very very well, is strong and robust. Is very useful to have on film and drama sets. It behaves the same as std Easyrigs.( Cinema 3 and 2.5 Arms) Has same smoothness and fluidity in shock and suspension/support rope. A singe tool to adjust Power and remove back, adjust height of Arm is fantastic.

I’d like/ need to be able to adjust the Arm/Power Pack about 5cm higher so I can use it with Flowcine Gravity-1 + Sony F55 easily.

I really like the Vario 5 Strong and makes me feel safe knowing if my camera gets over 17kg I can swap from Vario 5 to there Vario 5 Strong.

5. Who is the buyer of the Vario 5 STRONG

Grips , Camera Rental Companies and Dop’s who mostly do higher end drama, films, commercials using heavier cameras with many accessories and large or heavier pro cine lenses.

6. Do you think that Vario 5 STRONG (14 -28 kg) is needed compare to Vario 5 (5-17 kg)

Yes I think it is needed as the Vario 5 does not cover the Arri Alexa’s , Panasonic Varicam 35’s in production mode.Arri Alexa is the most common and popular camera used in New Zealand for high end productions. It perhaps may not be quite as popular as the Vario 5 but is a very good addition to the Easyrig family.

7. What vest would you prefer

I prefer the Gimbalrig Vest for Vario 5 strong. I like Cinema 3 vest for Vario 5 though. This is the first production ( new style) Gimbalrig vest I have tried and it is superb. Velcro addition has made it more comfortable and supportive. It is fantastic.

8. What bag do you prefer

Queen Bag seems to be perfect for Vario 5 Strong. Not too big and not too small. Perfect fit. Easy to pack Vario 5 Strong into it.

DP, David Paul NZCS here shooting the story of the first man on Mount Everest ”Hillary”.

Previous Awards:

Gold : NZCS Cinematography Awards TV Features 2016:

“Field Punishment #1”

Bronze: NZCS Cinematography AwardsTV Features 2016:

“The Kick"

Best Cinematography (Drama) NZ TV Awards 2012:

“Tangiwai - A Love Story”

Best Cinematography (Documentary) NZ Film/TV Awards 2011:

“The Banker, the Escorts and the $18m"

Best Cinematography (Drama) NZ Film/TV Awards 2009:

“Until Proven Innocent”

DP David Paul
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
New Zealand