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DP David Paul

Local cameraman / Ambassador New Zeeland

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DP David Paul
New Zeeland

Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG

How did you like the Vario 5 STRONG?

I like the Vario 5 Strong a lot , as it covers most production mode cameras from a fully loaded Sony F55 to heavy Arri Alexa’s with big lenses or 3d camera rigs. If it started at 12kg it’d be even better as many cameras now such as Red and Sony F55 camera’s can be only 12kg in production film mode. However the Vario 5 covers those.

DP, David Paul NZCS here shooting the story of the first man on Mount Everest ”Hillary”.

Previous Awards:

Gold : NZCS Cinematography Awards TV Features 2016:

“Field Punishment #1”

Bronze: NZCS Cinematography AwardsTV Features 2016:

“The Kick"

Best Cinematography (Drama) NZ TV Awards 2012:

“Tangiwai - A Love Story”

Best Cinematography (Documentary) NZ Film/TV Awards 2011:

“The Banker, the Escorts and the $18m"

Best Cinematography (Drama) NZ Film/TV Awards 2009:

“Until Proven Innocent”

DP David Paul
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
New Zealand