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Jonathan Young

I had looked at an Easyrig on location a few years before when I met a cameraman using one. I had toyed with the idea of getting one but eventually dismissed it. It was only once I began to realise that I wasn't invincible - my back, legs and any other part of me with muscles began to ache longer than they had the week previously, that it was time for action.

I bought my Easy rig a few months ago and since then, I have barely shot a hand held sequence with out. I use it whenever I can. I shoot a great deal of presenter led travelogue and current affairs shows overseas for BBC and Sky One. A good number of these are in challenging and hostile locations and the Eassyrig has helped me stand up to the rigours of these locations. I have made 4 trips to Afghanistan this year, Somalia, India, bangladesh,Sri Lanka and probably a dozen other less exotic countries.

I have walked three km's up to the very top of the Kabul city walls and back again carrying the camera wearing my easyrig most of it on loose rock; I have sailed on numerous fishing trawlers at sea and hunted for wildlife in several safari parks wearing my easyrig. The extended nature of these shoots to catch wildlife has meant I have been able to keep my camera up on my shoulder, ready to shoot at the first site of a skittish animal.The flexibility to shoot low or up and under by pulling the camera down to my waist opens up a hole new arena of shots to make any sequence that little bit more special.

Once you have become familiar with your Easyrig, it can be on and off again in 20 seconds. In the early days of using it, I had a couple of negative comments from productions about it looking "off putting" or "intimidating" for contributors especially as I am 6 feet 4 inches. But within a few hours, even the the most sceptical producer was completely won over about how long I could shot for, how steady my shots were and what a great asset the Easy rig is to any production. The only comments I get now out of the blue are from quizzical children in remote Indian and Bangladeshi villages who you ask " are you one of the giant robots we have seen on television ???"

In summary, great piece of kit for camera operator's by a cameraman.......

Jonathan Young
United Kingdom