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Martin Ahlgren

I have been using the Easy-Rig for many years and it helps me greatly in my hand-held work. Firstly, it takes the strain off your back when operating a heavy camera in sometimes awkward positions, transferring the weight from your shoulders and arms to your hips. It's like wearing a comfortable backpack. Secondly, it allows you to do things hand-held which is not possible without this kind of support. I've put lamps as big as 575W HMI's on the camera, and also attached front-heavy additions such as the Arri Vari-con or the "Mirren" Light (by Arri Media in London).

The Easy-rig is especially helpful when the camera is front heavy, as you would carry all that weight with your arms otherwise. Also, the ability to drop the camera low and operate it at hip-level offers a unique perspective to hand-held work. It's like being able to instantly switch to low-mode on a steadicam.

Martin Ahlgren
Director of Photography
New York