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Matthew Roe

Feel tested by DP Matthew Roe at DJA:

The new vest is great. I have no issues with it. The larger stomach straps help keep the vest from bowing out under heavy loads. On my older vest the back section would poke out creating a strain on my mid section and apply pressure to may back. With the new vest I was able to shoot all day without any stress.

I have used the vest on 3-4 different shoots. I haven’t noticed any weak areas or pressure points in the new design. Comparing it to my older vest. It might be good to reinforce the arm straps. I have had my older vest for about 3 years now and the arm straps are starting to come apart from use.

For the new vest you are shipping next year a larger bag might be needed. Its kind of hard to stuff the new vest in the currenbags.

Matthew Roe
Cameraman DP