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DP Niklas Johansson

Local cameraman / Ambassador Sweden

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DP Niklas Johansson
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Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG

1. Was it easy to change the power of the line?

It’s great! I find it very easy to change the power to fit different camera weights, I use a large variety of lenses and accesories so changing the power is cruical. I have teamed up with Grip so they know how to change the weight before taking their photos.

Improvements: I would like to be able to change the power yourself whilst wearing the vest, I would like to see a solution where you can easly change it yourself in the moment.

I have also coated the plastic coverage in the back with a soft material because it’s quite loud when I walk in to stuff.. :)

2. How did you like the Vario 5 STRONG?

The Cinema vest is very comfortable, it fits very good around my shoulders and around my hip.

I prefer the Vario Strong because I usually work with heavier lenses with two monitors and two Bolt on my camera.

3. Weight of the unit?

It is heavy, but when it’s on my back I don’t notice it.

4. Your opinion on the Vario 5 STRONG?

It’s great, it makes my work much easier! The spacer that I got from you is just perfect! It’s something everyone should have. The Canadians have made their own becuase it’s such a useful tool.

5. Who is the buyer of the Vario 5 STRONG?

All the DPs operators! Quite frankly everyone should have one. The biggest problem I have noticed is that camera operators does not know how to use the Easyrig properly. I suggest making a video to show operators how to use it to come up with the best results when shooting.

I spoke with Mark here on the set, he have filmed everything from Deadpool, MI3 to Jurassic Park. Six days ago he refused to use it, but when I got him to try it on and showed him how to use it, he keeps telling me that he wants an Easyrig for his own.

6. Do you think that Vario 5 STRONG (14 -28 kg) is needed compared to Vario 5 (5-17 kg)?

Yes! To me, it’s needed.

7. What vest would you prefer?

The Cinema vest is just perfect for me.

8. What bag do you prefer?

The ”King” bag, I like have a larger bag to fit clothes, extra pair of shoes etc. Even if the bag is made for Gimbal vests, extened arms and the Serene attachment.

DP Niklas Johansson
Local Cameraman / Ambassador