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Peder Jacobsson

The environment on the viking ship Draken Harald Hårfagre is very harsh - There is no place you can leave your gear to take a rest, and wind and waves will sometimes make it difficult to even stand up steady. When I stepped aboard Draken I thought I would be able to shoot as I regularly do when I shoot handheld, but I soon realized it was very difficult, and that I needed all support I could get. I was also important to be able to temporarily use my hands for other things than holding on the camera.

The problem on the ship, however, is that is impossible to let go of the camera as long as you dont pack it down in a Pelicase or similar, and that was very unpractial. Also, my friend photographer asked me if my back did not hurt, since I was carrying around the camera all day, but I had no problems at all, even though I was already carring 10-15 kg of extra gear in terms of clothing and life suit. The total weight in it self was a little tiring of course, but at least I could sit down sometimes and take a rest as I did not have to hold on the camera all the time.

Thanks to the Easyrig and Minimax, I could have the camera easily reachable throughout the voyage, and alway get steady good shots instead of feeling that I was just fighting the elements and doing some kind of work out class. I would very much recommend the Easyrig Mini Max for comfortable and stable shooting. Also very good quality. It was used during a month crossing over the North Atlantic, with cold temperatures and salt water spraying it. Nothing broke or started to malfunction. Well built and solid piece of professional gear.

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Peder Jacobsson