Easyrig logotype

Petar Popovic

During my career I have been lucky to have the opportunity to work with Easyrig. The first time it was introduced to me it was while working as camera operator on director Emir Kusturicas film Life is a Miracle (2004 -cinematography by Michel Amathieu). For Kusturicas last film Promise me this (2007), where I was also engaged as camera operator, it was on my suggestion given the excellent experience I have had with Easyrig from the previous film, that the production purchased the latest model.

Since then, at least one model of Easyrig has been included in each and every specification I have made. I have worked as DP for the film Gucha! (directed by Dusan Milic) which was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2007. It was entirely filmed with Easyrig. 

Petar Popovic