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DP Stijn Brinkmann

Local cameraman / Ambassador Netherlands

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DP Stijn Brinkmann
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Testpilot of the Vario 5:

Congratulations with your new invention !!
I have worked with the vario 5 on 5 shooting days.

Here are my test results:

1. I found it very easy to set the power on the line

2. the new vario feels very solid,like it will work without problems for many years

3. -It is heavy. Not only is the weight higher than the cinema 3 but it is also more
difficult to carry. Quite often I have my camera in one hand and the rig in the other.
The cinema 3 and 2.5 you carry with the hand between hip-pad and upper-pad.
With the Vario 5 this is not possible because of the plastic backside
On my Dubai job I took an easyrig 2.5 because of the weight.

4. -It is a very useful for some people,but not for everybody.
-Is there a quick and easy way to change the height of the support bar ?
-I think that you should not make the vario 5 with short arm,most users
will prefer a longer arm
-the plastic backside feels a little bit ''cheap''

5. It is a good new member of the easyrig family.
Personally.I would rather buy the cinema 3,because of the weight and price.
For rental companies and cameramen that change camera a lot it is a great solution.

I hope this is useful to you. I will keep on testing it and if I come up with something else,I will
let you know.

DP Stijn Brinkmann
Local Cameraman / Ambassador