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A Quick Release camera hook that can securly hold your camera with little to no setup time. The Quick Release Camera Hook is easy to use, just snap it on to the ball stud.

Tested up to 115 kilo/255 pounds. The Quick Release comes with two ball studs (3/8" and 1/4") to fit your camera.

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Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

1. When used with Vario 5, pre-stretch the line 5cm/2in
2. Guide the line through the hole and tie the ”No:8” knot
3. Roll the left-over line after the knot around the Quick Release
4. Press down the plastic cover

Read the next page for safety instructions!

Safety Instructions

Assembly Instructions

WARNING – Failure to inspect the Quick Release Camera Hook prior to use will in no event render Easyrig liable for any direct, indirect, special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with use or misuse of its products.

Always use the included safety strap provided with Easyrig support systems
1. Inspect the Quick Release for proper functionality before use
2. Make sure that the support line is secured properly to the Quick Release
3. Inspect the product has not undergone damage due to freight, improper storage, or mishandling

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